Wellness Workshops

Welcome Wellness offer a variety of fun and interactive workshops. The aim of a workshop is to help employees gain greater understanding on the topic being discussed and how it relates to them, as well as how they can make positive changes to improve their life.

Workshops are educational and always fun. We create a safe space for people to learn, grow and express themselves as an individual. Listed below is a breakdown of the workshops currently available. Check our calendar to see up and coming workshop dates.

Stress Management

  • What is stress?
  • How we carry stress
  • Signs and symptoms
  • What happens to our bodies physically?
  • Importance of keeping physical and mentally active
  • How to manage stress
  • Nutrition and herbs for stress
  • Breathing techniques
Health and Wellness

  • A balanced life style
  • Nutrition and herbs
  • Sugar and fat addiction
  • Effects of junk food
  • Food
  • Exercise
  • Stress management
  • Meditation
  • Breathing techniques
  • Taking time out for you
  • Importance of sleep
Posture and Alignment

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Breathe with Ease

Coming Soon!

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