Continued Wellness Education Programs

How do we change a short lived feeling of being inspired for positive change into habit?

Attending a workshop is fantastic. It gets people fired up to take steps of positive change in two ways. The first is the immediate feeling of inspiration and support from the knowledge gained, “I can do this!” the second is the seed of knowledge that is planted and over time with some nurturing and cultivation, develops into positive habits.

Unfortunately for most people it fizzles out before the positive habits have time to root and grow. That is why we run continued programmes to re-enforce the knowledge and tools over time, allowing positive habits to form.

Our aim is to create sustainable wellness awareness. A well employee is more productive at work and takes less sick days.

We will assess your company and employees’ needs around wellbeing and tailor-make a continued wellness education program that will run for a period of time. This allows time to help employees obtain healthy lifestyle habits. We will monitor employee progress and guide them around their wellness, to ensure that they are knowledgeable and have the tools to succeed.

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